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What are the precautions for taking the product?

The recommended daily dosage of the product is 1-2 bottles, one bottle per serving. It is recommended to take it during the day, preferably before lunch or dinner due to its anti-sugar properties. As the product contains natural plant ingredients, there may be slight sedimentation or coagulation, which does not affect its usability. Please shake well before consuming.

Who should not take the product? And Why?

The product is classified as a food in New Zealand and China. The ingredients used in the formula undergo strict SGS testing for each batch and are materials permitted for use in ordinary food. indicating its suitability for a wide range of individuals. Specific individuals with special medical conditions should consult relevant doctors.

Will the product cause adverse reactions?

Adverse reactions may occur due to various factors such as diet and lifestyle. However, the ingredients used in the product formula are generally recognized as safe for consumption and should not typically result in adverse reactions. Some individuals may experience a slight warming sensation after consumption, attributed to the invigorating and warming ingredients in the formula.

Is the product added with preservatives?

No, preservatives are not added to the product. It undergoes processing using high-pressure sterilization technology, effectively eliminating microorganisms. With proper sealing, microbial growth is prevented without the need for additional preservatives.

In light of the product's dark color and sour and sweet taste, are colorants, flavors, and artificial sweeteners added?

No, the product does not contain colourants, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners. This is supported by certified SGS testing reports. It also does not contain added sugar ingredients (such as sucrose, fructose, etc.). The sensory characteristics of the product mainly come from the taste of Boysenberries and other natural ingredients such as sugar alcohols and lemon juice.